An initiative founded by The Clean Beaches Coalition, Clean Beaches week is celebrated annually from July 1st – July 7th. With so much media enthrallment focusing on the effects of our waste on marine life, the oceans and our coastal landscape this is a stellar opportunity to be proactive and attempt to address a small part of the overall problem while raising awareness of a much larger global challenge.

The United States Senate and House of Representatives passed the National Clean Beaches Week Resolution by unanimous consent in 2007

Known as the Earth Day for beaches, hundreds of events are organized locally on beaches around the USA and include beach clean ups, art fairs, seafood festivals and other educational events aiming to raise awareness about respecting the beach and surrounding environment.

The coalition has set 7 simple reminders for those using the beach which they hope will assist the preservation of the beaches as well as protect people from the natural hazards that can occur at the shore.

1. Leave no trace (what you carry in, carry out)

2. Move your body (walk, run or swim)

3. Don’t tread the dunes (use a walkover or walk-thru)

4. Know your limits (swim, surf and boat safely)

5. You are what you eat (eat healthy seafood)

6. Feed your mind. (read a book)

7. Respect the Ocean (riptides, storms, natural resources)

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