For the average outdoor lover, there’s arguably no sound more satisfying than the slow, smooth zip of your fly door as it opens, inviting the view of the early morning into your temporary home. The start of each day while camping is such a special moment. The adaption to the surroundings becomes more natural, the admiration for the wilderness more powerful and the possibility of what the day will bring is endless.

Now, imagine the same sound of the zipper revealing the same incredible view, but with even more endlessness in the realm of adventure possibilities. Imagine waking up without having to worry about tearing down your tent or meticulously rolling up your fly before heading to your next destination. 

Car-top tenting is a relatively new and creative way to travel and spend time in some truly incredible outdoor settings. It combines the visceral experience of sleeping outdoors in a tent and the ease of travelling in a self-contained mobile unit. Plus, it’s just an objectively cool setup. 

GuidED is proud to support Red Bear Outdoors who offers rooftop tent packages that come in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate anywhere from two to five people. Each tent lives neatly above your vehicle for the duration of your travels and can be easily erected whenever you’re ready to call it for the night or to sneak in a quick nap between destinations. Their tents are compatible with a wide array of vehicles and offer sleek minimalist options and more luxurious packages. Some rooftop tents even come equipped with fully enclosed side awnings to protect from bugs while hanging out next to your car.   

Classic tent camping is a fantastic way to spend time out in nature, but if you’re looking to spend a little less time setting up camp and more time enjoying the natural resources, car-top tenting is definitely for you. It’s an extremely efficient way to visit single or multiple locations, with the ability to pack light and move from place to place simply.

If you’re looking to go fishing for the weekend, all of your gear can fit neatly into your car while your sleeping apparatus remains undisturbed above. Car-top camping makes spontaneous overnighters stress-free, giving you the freedom to catch a sunset at the end of a workday or to hike a mountain before dusk with little preparation required. Not to mention the fact that the added height of your sleeping platform definitely does not hurt the view. For anyone with reservations about wildlife, sleeping off of the ground and away from critters, snakes, or other animals is an added bonus.

Some newer car-top tent models allow you to mount canoes or kayaks above them while travelling, increasing your exploration capabilities. The brand new Gen 3-R Expedition Tent from Alu-Cab offers features like this, as well as things like a built-in foam mattress with a removable cover, internal lighting and insulation options for the tent itself. Head to Red Bear Outdoors to be the first to see this upcoming model and learn more about these and so many other amazing products that they offer for the eager outdoor enthusiast.

The GuidED mobile App expects to see a handful of guided Overlanding expedition packages available soon. With a rooftop tent set up on an all-terrain vehicle, like a Jeep or a 4×4 truck, this setup will get you camping back into locations you never thought possible! 

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