5 Best Outdoor Adventure Movies & Documentaries - GuidED

GuidED Picks: 5 Best Outdoor Adventure Films and Documentaries

Human Attraction to Danger Have you ever found yourself hiking somewhere remote and asked yourself the question “how long could I survive here if I was stranded?”. Maybe you’ve been cutting through swells of lake water with your canoe and found yourself wondering “could I cross the open ocean with […]

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Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough may change the world

A Discovery that could Power the Future

How long can we keep this up? When we think about pushing on into the future, about continuing to live our lives the way we do; we all, in some way have to acknowledge that this lofty ambition might not be possible. Choosing to live the way we currently do, […]

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Quirky Canadian Christmas: Fun Past Times

Quirky Canadian Christmas Traditions

A Different Breed Every year, as we collectively move past the most colorful season of the year we seem to willfully forget what lurks around the corner. As the autumn leaves grace us with their presence, we are gifted long, sun-filled days that are accompanied by cool breezes and an […]

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Happy Canada Day


HISTORY OF CANADA DAY Until 1982, Canada celebrated Dominion Day as their national holiday. The day was then renamed ‘Canada Day. The history of Canada isn’t as violent, as many other countries. Throughout the mid-1800s, the possibility of a coalition between the British North American colonies was discussed. On July […]

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