Outdoor Bouldering in Tobermory Ontario - GuidED

Ontario Bouldering: What, Why, Where?

Exercising is one of the greatest things you can do for your physical and mental health, especially during the winter months when you live in the northern hemisphere. The lack of vitamin D means that eating properly and staying active are some of the most effective ways to keep your […]

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Adventure Winter Bucket List Worldwide

Your Global Bucket List for Winter Outdoor Adventure

The Winter’s Edge  Every year we say goodbye to the months that let us live comfortably in our t-shirts and side stripe shorts, the evenings that served us up 20-degree sunsets at 9:30 pm, and the mornings that welcomed us with breezes, no cooler than the sun that beat down. […]

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Ice Fishing in Ontario: Beauty time for Fishin'

Winter’s Beauty: Ice Fishing in Ontario

Somewhere on a Frozen Ontario Lake Let us set the scene. A very frosty scene. Your breath in the air has become muscle memory and feels no more out of place than your footsteps. Creating individual sinkholes through layers of crisp, dry pearl-like snowflakes hiding the inevitable grey slush beneath. […]

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Crew and Axel paddleboard

Crew And Axel Inflatable S.U.P. Boards Are Rad!

There’s something so ridiculously calming about staring out at the water, isn’t there?  The vastness that exists, reminding us in such a peaceful way that our worries, our issues, our pains are so much smaller than we believe them to be. It’s important to feel that grounding weight of the […]

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Women's Olympic Triathlon in Kincardine

20th Annual Kincardine Women’s Olympic Triathlon

This race might not exist these days if it weren’t for our founder Janet Bannerman. Even though we’ve got in no way met, she has deeply impacted my life in addition to many others…. After attending her first triathlon in Milton, on, Janet had a vision of getting an all […]

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