Best Winter Camping Gear in Canada 2022

Best Winter Camping Gear for 2022

Why Camp in the Cold? Living somewhere that gives us the gift of changing seasons allows for some wonderful outdoor experiences. Canada is home to some of the greatest spring, summer, and fall camping locations. Whether you want to hike through the trails of provincial parks like Killarney, travel by […]

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Carbon storage in Canada: A Wealth Beyond Measure


Natural Carbon in Canada  Carbon is stored in a lot of Canada. By that, we mean that there is a lot of Carbon stored all over this Country. Imagine the entirety of an old-growth forest and the years of stored carbon within that forest, with each tree doing its part […]

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Become a Tour Guide: Sharing your passion for outdoors


The Adventure Guide Lifestyle  Water rushes past you as you descend the winding river making your way carefully past jagged rocks and ends of logs poking up above the current. Your pack sits neatly tucked in front of you as you reminisce on the past few days of your wilderness […]

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Best Hikes in Fall: Autumn Colours, Breathtaking Views

Best Fall Hikes in Ontario: Inspiring Autumn Colours, Breathtaking Views

Ontario’s Breathtaking Fall Palette: Autumn Hikes There’s a very specific sensation associated with the glow of the morning at a certain time of year, isn’t there? Strolling under trees as they stare out at vibrant swells of fresh lake water, stretching their limbs in impatient preparation for an oncoming slumber […]

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What’s the deal with hiking? When you hear the verb ‘hiking,’ what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a rolling title card of previous hikes you’ve accomplished? Maybe it’s a montage of moments from different portions of your life where you were, in fact, out hiking. […]

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Deer hunting in Canada

Deer Hunting in Canada: Its Positive Effects on Conservation

When you hear the term “hunting,” what comes to mind? Do you think of just anyone, or is there a specific image of a certain kind of person that pops into your head? Maybe someone who talks, acts, and dresses a certain way, lives a certain lifestyle, and ultimately has […]

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Sustainable Tourism - A new approach

Sustainable Tourism – A New Approach

In many of our day-to-day lives, we run through the motions, punching the clock and making our way through the week with our heads down. When living life like this, there is one thing that we are doing it for, one thing that gets us through all of it. That […]

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Crew and Axel paddleboard


There’s something so ridiculously calming about staring out at the water, isn’t there?  The vastness that exists, reminding us in such a peaceful way that our worries, our issues, our pains are so much smaller than we believe them to be. It’s important to feel that grounding weight of the […]

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