Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough may change the world

A Discovery that could Power the Future

How long can we keep this up? When we think about pushing on into the future, about continuing to live our lives the way we do; we all, in some way have to acknowledge that this lofty ambition might not be possible. Choosing to live the way we currently do, […]

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Lewis Woodpecker and Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Lewis’s Woodpecker: Preservation Efforts

Life With(out) Birds  All around us, outside of our own created experiences, lies the natural world; a place that provides us with endless input. Think of a time you might have been studying for a final exam, or when you worked a grueling amount of overtime at work; perhaps you […]

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Adventure Winter Bucket List Worldwide

Your Global Bucket List for Winter Adventure

The Winter’s Edge  Every year we say goodbye to the months that let us live comfortably in our t-shirts and side stripe shorts, the evenings that served us up 20-degree sunsets at 9:30 pm, and the mornings that welcomed us with breezes, no cooler than the sun that beat down. […]

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Quirky Canadian Christmas: Fun Past Times

Quirky Canadian Christmas Traditions

A Different Breed Every year, as we collectively move past the most colorful season of the year we seem to willfully forget what lurks around the corner. As the autumn leaves grace us with their presence, as we are gifted long, sun-filled days that are accompanied by cool breezes and […]

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Indigenous-led Conservation in Reversing Wildlife Loss

Regenerate Canada: WWF’s 10-Year Plan to reverse Climate Change

Where are we at? The health of the world is not great. This is something that surely you are aware of by now and hopefully something that you think about every now and then. Without going into great detail about the specifics of the seriousness of this issue I’ll paraphrase […]

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Ice Fishing in Ontario: Beauty time for Fishin'

Winter’s Beauty: Ice Fishing in Ontario

Somewhere on a Frozen Ontario Lake Let us set the scene. A very frosty scene. Your breath in the air has become a muscle memory and feels no more out of place than your footsteps. Creating individual sinkholes through layers of crisp, dry pearl-like snowflakes hiding the inevitable grey slush […]

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Best Winter Camping Gear in Canada 2022

Best Winter Camping Gear for 2022

Why Camp in the Cold? Living somewhere that gives us the gift of changing seasons allows for some wonderful outdoor experiences. Canada is home to some of the greatest spring, summer, and fall camping locations. Whether you want to hike through the trails of provincial parks like Killarney, travel by […]

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Carbon storage in Canada: A Wealth Beyond Measure


Natural Carbon in Canada  Carbon is stored in a lot of Canada. By that, we mean that there is a lot of Carbon stored all over this Country. Imagine the entirety of an old-growth forest and the years of stored carbon within that forest, with each tree doing its part […]

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Become a Tour Guide: Sharing your passion for outdoors


The Adventure Guide Lifestyle  Water rushes past you as you descend the winding river making your way carefully past jagged rocks and ends of logs poking up above the current. Your pack sits neatly tucked in front of you as you reminisce on the past few days of your wilderness […]

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Best Hikes in Fall: Autumn Colours, Breathtaking Views

Best Fall Hikes in Ontario: Inspiring Autumn Colours, Breathtaking Views

Ontario’s Breathtaking Fall Palette: Autumn Hikes There’s a very specific sensation associated with the glow of the morning at a certain time of year, isn’t there? Strolling under trees as they stare out at vibrant swells of fresh lake water, stretching their limbs in impatient preparation for an oncoming slumber […]

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