Jose Andino Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CEO
Head of Development

Amanda Andino Rodriguez

Co-Founder & CFO
Head of Operations

Summer M. Martin

Director of Marketing &

Teofilo M. Bajar

Digital Marketing Manager


I’m Jose Andino-Rodriguez and I grew up in the city. Toronto Ontario, in fact! I moved from a city to a town at 14, and from a town to a rural village when I was 21. Tobermory, Ontario, Canada is home now.   While living in the concrete jungle, I was fortunate to have godparents who introduced me to outdoor activities and basic sustainability practices. Ideal hippies, you might call them. They guided me through canoe trips, camping expeditions, fishing excursions, cross country skiing, and endless outdoor activities. We ate whole wheat crepes for breakfast, played go fish after dinner and had 30 minutes of cable TV before bed if we were lucky. I eventually ended up between the pines in a rural community in Ontario. Here I discovered a deeper relationship with Mother Nature. Now on my own, I explored fishing, hiking, bouldering, swimming, plant and animal ID and even discovered fair chase hunting.
I even adopted a hunting dog, Willow, a German Shorthaired Pointer. She is my best friend,  and she has more passion for the outdoors than anyone I have ever met.   I pay my hunting fees which go directly to conservation, I tread lightly in the outdoors, and I gladly share my favourite outdoor spaces. I take pride in showing friends and family best practices in the outdoors and have always felt as though I was doing my part for conservation by educating others, harvesting sustainably, and simply being mindful of how delicate our natural environment truly is.   Being a hunter, my ideal of conservation has been challenged, and I have been asked, “ what do you do for conservation?”

My reply in explaining the latter never seemed to suffice. I reflect and ask myself, “jeez, what does it take to certifiably do something for conservation?!”. Should I be planting more trees, and building more birdhouses? Maybe becoming a land steward of a 100 acre conservation parcel is the answer?! No. It’s not that complex. I believe, at my core, that conservation is a lifestyle, one which we can pass down. Those of us who engage in the outdoors have a knowledge bank of love and appreciation for Mother Nature.

One which we must share and pass on to the next generation. Just like my godparents did to me.


I’ll never forget a January winter day when all these pieces came together as an idea! GuidED, is the one-stop-shop for outdoor enthusiasts. The thought of a mobile app where it’s easy for all outdoor enthusiasts to connect on one platform. A place where every connection (or booking) results in a plus for mother nature! Use GuidED to re-engage and reset your mind in harmony with nature. See the outdoors through the eyes of your trusted local outdoor guide. Someone just like you, or someone just like me. The GuidED possibilities are endless so, share what you are passionate about in the outdoors or discover opportunities to try something new and adventurous.

I came from the city and ended up in the bush. This I am thankful for. If I can create the opportunity for people to share and learn in the outdoors, to be respectful, understand sustainability and keep our opportunities alive, I will add “GuidED is what I did for conservation”.  By joining the GuidED family as a traveler, guide, or both you too will have the opportunity to teach or better understand the outdoors. All the while, having a blast doing it and making real-life human connections that will shape lives for the better.

Let's work together!